THIS IS HOME: An Exploration of Housing Diversity in Los Angeles

ARTIST'S STATEMENT L.A. Paradise Chimera: This is Home: An Exploration of Housing Diversity in Los Angeles

This is Home consists of dozens of stereoscopic images of homes within Los Angeles County displayed within an installation of salvaged doors. Inside the structure, are chairs and tables, purchased from thrift shops and Craigslist: from homes in Los Angeles, arranged in a living room setting within a larger exhibit space. Patrons are invited to handle the images and view them through a stereoscopic viewer, much like the parlor amusement of a previous era. Included among the photographs, but not identified, are homes of people I know and most of the places where I have lived since I arrived in Los Angeles in 1982.

This series is shot with Fuji Pro film which amplifies the green foliage, blue skies and white buildings that reflect the palette of the city. Lining the windows inside the structure, the images, together may resemble the photographs of houses often displayed in real estate offices. From the outside of the structure, the white and black squares, viewed from the back, through the glass, evoke apartment building windows and the conformity and anonymity of city life. Once placed in a 3D viewer, the prints take on a more vibrant quality, implying a context of family, community and neighborhood; a deeper look into one home among the millions of homes of a major metropolis.

Among the houses in the series are single family homes, mansions, residential hotels, luxury lofts, slums, freeway underpasses, tents, cardboard boxes, homeless shelters, student housing, courtyard apartments, skid row hotels, trailers, apartment buildings, condominiums, government housing projects, religious communities, recreational vehicles, artist lofts, a boarding house, an orphanage, group homes, transitional living centers, rehabilitation facilities, hospices, convalescent homes, senior housing, the central jail and juvenile facilities, film and television locations, historic homes, houses under foreclosure, gated communities, security buildings, ecological cooperatives, intentional communities, duplexes and urban farms.

This is Home: An Exploration of Housing Diversity in Los Angeles is one autonomous series in the larger collection (in progress): Los Angeles Paradise Chimera; A conversation with the city in which I live. Special thanks to Oscar Rivera Sr., Alejandra Bayardo, Andrew Griggs, Leah Sutterby, Eric Aparicio, Glenda Bonilla, Elise Hendrick, Melanie Willhide and Betsy Kenyon for their input on this project, as well as the Visual and Media Studies Program at Pasadena City College.