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Emma's Store

Purchasing Prints and Merchandise

Thank you for your appreciating of my photography  and your interest in purchasing and supporting my work.   

Smugmug provides a buy print feature that prints and sells high resolution photographic images in a variety of sizes, and page finishes (lustre, matte, glossy).  The settings permitted apply to all images on the site, and the artist cannot specify sizes or paper finish for each print separately. Cropping is an option provided to the consumer, and the artist cannot disable it, but has the authority to approve each order before it is processed. No cropped images will be processed. Please respect the artistic integrity  of each image you wish to purchase. 

To order prints

1. Open gallery of prints to select from
2. Chose a print you wish to purchase
3. Decide which print option you want
4. Do not crop.

      Each image is the work of the photographer and is not to be cropped or manipulated.       Choose a layout that best fits the image. Cropped images will not be approved for sale.